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When you think of a physical therapist, you might think of a person that helps in the rehabilitation after an injury or surgical procedure. For example, after a knee surgery, you might require several months with a physical therapist to get full mobility back and make the knee as strong as it was before. While this is one of the main functions of a physical therapist, it is by no means the only thing that they do. Another very important service that a physical therapist can offer is that of preventative therapy. The following are three ways a physical therapist can help you prevent injury:

1. Mobility. It does not matter if you are obese, athletic or anywhere in between, working on mobility can help you immensely. Working on flexibility can help an obese patient gain joint function, become more active, and avoid future injuries. For an athlete, more mobility can help achieve greater success in their sport. A physical therapist can help all patients undergo a mobility and flexibility regimen that will prepare them for the future and help them prevent injuries. This regimen can include both stretching and other exercise that can be done at home or within the physical therapist's facility.

2. Strength. Just as with mobility, strength can help to prevent injury. When the muscles around your knees, ankles, shoulders, and other joints are strengthened, you have less of a chance of serious injury. By strengthening key muscles in your body, you will be able to achieve greater success. A physical therapist will help you to exercise and take care of the muscles that are crucial for you to succeed and prevent injury. This can include weightlifting, specific body movements meant to target certain muscle gri, and other exercises.

3. Screenings. One of the greatest things that a physical therapist can do is to give you a comprehensive screening. A physical therapist will be able to analyze your body and show you what injuries you are predisposed or susceptible to. This will go a long way in tailoring a specific program that works for you and your body.

A physical therapist can help anyone become more flexible and stronger so that they can prevent injury. It does not matter what your body type is or your level of fitness, you can benefit from a preventative physical therapist to become healthier. Consider speaking with a representative from Cypress Cove Care Center for more information.


17 June 2015

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