Beneficial Methods Of Dealing With Foot Pain

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Your feet are used every single day of your life. As you get older, you may experience a lot of pain in your feet. In order to deal with this pain, you can take these steps:

Put Them in a Foot Spa

If you are looking for a home treatment for foot pain, you can try putting your feet in a foot spa. These portable devices have jets on the inside that massage all portions of your feet. The water is heated, providing you with a relaxing sensation.

You can adjust the jets thanks to side controls, depending on how deep you want the jets to penetrate. A waterfall causes water to splash over your toes, helping you relax like never before. There are soft-touch massage attachments for these foot spas as well, allowing you to customize how your feet get massaged.

Utilize Foot Exercises

Another good way to alleviate foot pain is to try out certain exercises. One of the more effective methods uses marbles. Place a marble on the floor, and start by rolling your heels over it. Continue moving your feet over the marble until it stops at your toes. This helps stretch out sore muscles and tendons.

Squeezing your toes several minutes throughout the day is also effective. Start by putting a piece of cork between each toe. Then, squeeze your toes together for several seconds. Repeat these steps over and over again until you feel some of the pain start to dissipate.

Get Help from a Pain Institute

If nothing seems to be working, you may need professional help. This is where a pain institute like the Illinois Pain Institute comes in handy. These institutes give you access to physicians who specialize in pain management therapy. They can prescribe you medications that will quickly take away your foot pain.

They also can suggest creams and lotions to use that penetrate deep into your feet. A lot of times these physicians can offer a simple fix, such as suggesting the right shoes or gel inserts to use. If your pain still persists, they may operate on your feet. For instance, you may have heel spurs. This is when bones abnormally grow at the bottom of your heel. In order to walk comfortably, these bones may need to be removed.

Getting older may cause your feet to hurt more often, especially if you spend a lot of time standing. You can get rid of this pain in an effective manner by considering the steps above. 


8 January 2015

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