All You Need To Know About Your First MRI Scan At An Imaging Center

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When you think of paying a visit to a medical imaging center, you probably envision undergoing an ultrasound scan or an X-ray since these are the most common forms of screenings that people are acquainted with. So the moment your doctor prescribes an MRI, you could be wondering what to expect. While Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans are painless, some patients tend to get intimated by the size of the equipment employed to carry out this screening, but this should not be cause for concern.

27 April 2022

5 Seniors Wellness Tips To Follow

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Many people do not look forward to growing older because they assume they will be sicker and weaker. Although elderly people are more prone to certain diseases than their younger counterparts, you do not have to be in poor health in your golden years. If you commit to taking good care of your body and mind, you can enjoy good health for many years. Here are a few senior wellness tips to keep in mind.

28 March 2022

What To Know Before Your Colonoscopy Procedure

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A colonoscopy is a common procedure that is used to look for issues with the colon. It is commonly used as a preventative procedure for colon cancer, but it can be used to screen for other conditions. If you have a colonoscopy procedure scheduled, keep reading to learn what to expect. You Need to Prep Your Colon          The colonoscopy procedure involves a long, thin camera that is inserted into the rectum to see the inside of the colon.

25 February 2022

When Your Autistic Child May Need To See A Urologist

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When you think of urology, you may not think of your autistic child. You may not think of children in general. The truth is, autistic and other special needs children can have several urology problems. In fact, these problems may be lost and combined as just a part of the potty training stages. Though potty training is an issue, there are times when you should be concerned and seek the advice of a licensed urologist.

24 January 2022