Vital Medical Help to Expect When You See a Skillful Psychiatrist

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When you experience mental health crises like severe anxiety or chronic depression, you might fail to get the medical help you need with it from your primary care doctor. Your regular doctor may not have the resources to treat your mental illness or manage your symptoms.

Instead of seeking care from this provider, you may need to go to a mental health specialist who has experience treating illnesses like yours. You may get the treatment you need when you become a patient of a professional and experienced psychiatrist.

Overcoming Immediate Crises

When you begin seeing a psychiatrist, you may get the help you need to overcome any immediate mental health crises you might experience right now. For example, if you are suffering from suicidal ideations, you might be prescribed medications to treat your intense depressive or anxiety symptoms.

Your psychiatrist will base the type and dosage of medications provided to you on a number of factors, such as your overall health and what types of mental health symptoms you are experiencing. He or she may also adjust the medications and change dosages until your symptoms subside and you begin feeling better. 

Continued Maintenance

Once your psychiatrist finds a good combination of medications that works the best for you, he or she can maintain it for you. To maintain this medication combination, you may need to visit this specialized mental health doctor every three to six months, if not more often, depending on how well you respond to treatment.

These frequent visits can ensure you are remaining relatively free from your symptoms and are able to continue on with much or all of your normal routine. It also lets your psychiatrist know if you are developing any new symptoms that must be addressed.

Therapy Referrals

Finally, your psychiatrist can be a referral source if you want to go into individual or group therapy. Your insurer may require you to get a referral from a doctor first before they agree to pay for your therapy services. Your psychiatrist will be able to refer you to a therapist who has experience in counseling patients with mental health conditions.

A psychiatrist can provide helpful medical services when you suffer from mental health crises like anxiety and depression. He or she can prescribe medications to ease your symptoms and help you feel better as quickly as possible. Your psychiatrist can also maintain or adjust your medication combination and refer you to a therapist for additional services if needed. 

Look into finding a psychiatrist in your area to learn more.


2 September 2022

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