All You Need To Know About Your First MRI Scan At An Imaging Center

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When you think of paying a visit to a medical imaging center, you probably envision undergoing an ultrasound scan or an X-ray since these are the most common forms of screenings that people are acquainted with. So the moment your doctor prescribes an MRI, you could be wondering what to expect. While Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans are painless, some patients tend to get intimated by the size of the equipment employed to carry out this screening, but this should not be cause for concern. You may be surprised to learn just how straightforward the entire process is. Check out the following article highlighting all you need to know about your first MRI scan at an imaging center.

What Is the Purpose of an MRI Scan?

The first thing that you should know about MRI scans is they rely on magnetic fields to come up with intricate images of the internal parts of your body. With that in mind, your doctor will likely prescribe an MRI scan if they need to have a comprehensive view of your fat tissues, organs, muscles, and more. Once your MRI scan is complete, the radiologist will translate the findings and compile a report for your doctor. These findings will help with the diagnosis of a vast array of medical conditions ranging from cancer, internal injuries, heart disease, vascular conditions, and so on.

Are Injections Mandatory Before an MRI Scan?

In some scenarios, you may have to receive an injection before the MRI scan is carried out. This injection administers a dye into your system that works to create contrast in internal structures such as your blood vessels and organs. Take note, though, that not all MRI scans warrant the use of a contrast dye, so the need for injections before the screening is directly influenced by what your doctor is looking to diagnose with this test.

Are MRI Scans Uncomfortable?

As stated earlier, MRI scans are painless. Nevertheless, some individuals may find this imaging test uncomfortable, and this is due to two main reasons. First, some people may find the patient table and MRI tunnel small, which can trigger claustrophobic feelings. In this scenario, you can inform the radiologist beforehand of your averseness to confined spaces, and they can provide you with medication to calm your nerves before you undergo the scan.

Second, MRI scans produce loud, clicking sounds that can be disconcerting to some patients. If these noises are overwhelming, you could also ask for medication to alleviate the uneasiness you feel. You should also know that MRI equipment is outfitted with a panic button, so you can always communicate to the radiologist about your need to take a break from the scan at any moment.

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27 April 2022

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