Laser Eye Surgery: What Does It Feel Like?


You are considering laser eye surgery, but you are worried about how it will turn out. That is perfectly normal, considering the fact that the surgery involves a laser and little cuts into your cornea. Perhaps the biggest question of all patients who want the surgery but are holding back is: What does it feel like? The answers are surprising.

What It Feels Like Before the Laser Starts

Before your ophthalmologist even turns the laser on, he or she will use a device to help your eyelids stay open. This is the weirdest and most uncomfortable feeling because you will try to blink and you cannot. There is no pain involved at this point because your doctor has used numbing drops in your eyes. Really, the only thing you feel prior to the laser is the pressure of the eye-opening device, and not much else.

What It Feels Like During the Laser Surgery

The doctor performing the surgery aims the laser at precise points on your cornea. Because your eyes have been numbed, you still do not feel much of anything. When the laser makes its cuts, there is no pain and no burning sensation. In fact, most people report that they do not feel anything at all.

They can see the laser as it darts around their eyes, but the procedure is so quick and over so soon that there is little time to register any sensation. A handful of patients report feeling a tiny bit of pressure, but that has more to do with their eyes adjusting the interior pressure of the eyeballs after the final cut is made.

What It Feels Like After Surgery

Once the numbing drops wear off, you might have a slight stinging or burning sensation. It feels similar to touching onions or lemon juice and then touching your eyes. You will not be allowed to touch or rub your eyes for a few days, and if the sensation is particularly annoying, you can ask your ophthalmologist for numbing drops to help you get past this part.

Additionally, when the cuts on your corneas begin to heal after a day or so, they may feel very itchy and eyeball dirt, which normally is washed into the corners of your eyes, may come to rest in the incisions. It creates an irritating crust, but again, your doctor can prescribe more eye drops to prevent and remove this problem.

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13 January 2015

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