Botox – Could It Be The Solution To Your Teeth Grinding Problem?

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Does your partner complaint that you're constantly grinding your teeth at night? Many people who suffer from bruxism never realize that they are grinding or clenching their teeth. According to the Mayo Clinic, bruxism may result in damage to the teeth, facial pain, damage to implants or tooth restorations, or disorders of the temporomandibular joints.

Custom Night Guards – The Most Common Treatment

The most common treatment for individuals with bruxism is a custom night guard. Dentists fit the night guard to the patient's mouth, and the night guard is worn while sleeping to protect the teeth from wear and potential damage. While it's possible to purchase over-the-counter night guards, they are less effective because they have not been custom fit to the individuals' mouth. Since they often cause discomfort, patients are less likely to wear OTC night guards.

Botox Treatments

For individuals that cannot wear night guards and those who have more severe forms of bruxism, Botox treatments may be a viable treatment option. While botox is often associated with wrinkle treatments, new studies show that Botox may offer relief for individuals with severe bruxism. Studies have been conducted at the Henry Ford Health System and the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston with positive results.

Are There Side Effects? Currently, studies have not reported any significant side effects. Temporary side effects have included bruising and soreness around the injection site. Individuals treated with large disease of Botox have also noticed a temporary change in their smile. No one reported any problems with chewing or swallowing after the injections were administered.

The Pros of Botox Treatments

Botox treatments offer many benefits, including their ability to prove effective for patients who have not enjoyed good results with custom night guards. On average, one injection can provide results for four months, although the results may vary from patient to patient. While these treatments are not cheap, they can help prevent costly dental problems, such as tooth loss and damage to expensive cosmetic work that has already been completed.

The Cons of Botox Treatments

The main disadvantage of Botox treatments for bruxism is the price tag associated with Botox injections. Depending on the dentist and the dose of Botox administered, the price may range between $250-800. While studies do support the use of Botox as a bruxism treatment, not all dentists are experienced in using Botox for bruxism, so it's essential for patients to choose a dentist (such as New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry) who has experience with Botox injections if they decide to try this new treatment.  


2 February 2015

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