4 Common Problems With Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids are great for restoring your hearing, but the occasional problem can occur. Most issues are minor and require no medical attention. However, some can call for a trip to your ear doctor. Before heading to the doctor, try some of these at-home solutions.

Loud Feedback

Occasionally, when you put in your hearing aids, you might hear a loud whistling or feedback. There are several reasons this can occur. For instance, if you are wearing a head covering that is over your ears, the feedback could be the result of sound bouncing off of the covering. By removing the covering or pushing it back from the hearing aids, you can resolve the issue. 

It could also be the result of a poor fit. Ensure the hearing aid is properly inserted into your ear. If it is and you continue to hear feedback, contact the audiologist to have your hearing aids refitted. 

Foul Odor/Pain in the Ear

When you have moisture that is trapped in your ear and are wearing hearing aids, you can develop an ear infection. As a result, your ears can develop a foul odor and you can experience pain. In some instances, you can remove the hearing aids for a few days and the infection will clear on its own. You can use over-the-counter pain medication to control the pain. However, if the symptoms last longer, it is important that you see your ear doctor. 

Poor Amplification

The hearing aid is designed to amplify sound so that you can hear it. If the sound you are picking up is weak, there is a possibility that your tubing and earbuds need to be cleaned. You also need to clean your own ears to remove any blockage that is present. If the problem persists, your ear doctor needs to check your ears for additional wax that is out of your reach. He or she can also ensure that the hearing aids are in good working condition.

Sound Distortion

Occasional problems with sound distortion does not necessarily mean that your hearing aids need to be checked by the audiologist. In some instances, the problem is related to the battery. When the battery is corroded, the poor connection can result in the transmission of sound. Simply change your battery and test the hearing aid out. 

Talk to your ear doctor or audiologist if you experience any other problems with the hearing aids


6 July 2015

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