Strong Mind, Strong Body: How To Mentally Prepare For Your Colonoscopy

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When you are making your first colonoscopy appointment, your doctor will tell you all about what you need to do to prepare your body for the procedure. No eating solid foods the day before, only clear liquids allowed, ingest medicine that will give you the worst diarrhea of your life, etc.  However, many would argue that your colonoscopy requires not only preparation of the body, but of the mind. Without this mental preparation, patients are caught off guard by the impact of such a simple procedure. Colonoscopies are critical for the detection of life-threatening cancers, but sometimes are just not the most fun. There are some simple steps that can be taken to make your colonoscopy (hopefully) less horrible.  

A Fresh Start 

A good way to look at your colonoscopy is to see it as a fresh start for your bowels. All of the juice fasts in the world can't do what that pill your doctor gave you is about to do and in just 24 hours! Decide that after your procedure, you will start that diet you've been trying to do for ages. Set a goal for healthy eating and exercise that you can be excited about. 

Bathroom Preparation 

The day before your procedure, you're going to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. As unpleasant as it sounds, there are a few things you can do to improve your less-than-ideal circumstances. Clean your bathroom beforehand and invest in a good book. Set up camp outside the bathroom because you will want to remain close by. Bring over your most comfortable chair along with anything you might need to settle in.

Eat Lightly 

It's a good idea to start eating lightly a few days before the procedure. This will make the 24 hours before your colonoscopy less difficult. Try to mostly eat fruits and vegetables, the greener, the better! You will feel more prepared and everything will run more smoothly. 

Doctors Are Professionals 

If you are feeling embarrassed or shy about your colonoscopy, try to keep in mind the doctor will just be doing his or her job. They are used to seeing this sort of thing. Remember that the benefits of a colonoscopy far outweigh any costs and that this is a critical step in making sure you are healthy. It may also help to remember that, at some point or another, everyone you know is going to have to go through this as well. You are not alone in the battle. For more information about preparing, contact a company like Northwest Gastroenterology Associates. Best of luck! 


14 October 2015

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