Preparing For A Home Birth

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If you are pregnant and you have decided you would like to try having your baby in the comfort of your own home instead of a hospital setting, you will need to make a few preparations in advance to going into labor. With proper prenatal care and planning, you may have a successful birth experience in a tranquil setting. Here are some points to consider when preparing for a home birth.

Make Sure It Is Safe

Your midwife will need to make sure you are not at risk for complications beforehand. If there are reasons to believe you are better off having a Cesarean section for either you or the baby's health, you will need to have your baby in a medical facility. Your midwife will monitor your pregnancy and let you know about any reasons for complication as you get closer to your delivery date. 

Create A Birthing Area

If you have been cleared to attempt a birth at home, you will need a comfortable area set aside to relax when labor begins. Make sure there is a spot for you to lie down as well as pieces of furniture or counter tops you can use to lean on. Ample walking space should be present as well. Remove any items that could injure you while you are in this room. Use bedding that you will not mind throwing away when you are done giving birth, as the pieces may become saturated in blood and other bodily fluids. Use a room without carpeting you do not want becoming stained as well. Make sure you have plenty of clean towels and washcloths in the room for your midwife to use as you give birth. 

Have A Backup Plan

Make sure you have a plan in place in case of an emergency. Have a phone number for a local hospital ready so your midwife can call for an ambulance if your birth is not progressing as planned. Pack a bag of items you would need for a hospital stay, including clothing for your newborn. Keep this bag in your birthing area so you can grab it if you need to get to the hospital fast. It is a good idea to have another bag in your vehicle in case you go into labor in a location other than your home where you would need to get to a hospital quickly.

Set The Mood

Consider purchasing a birthing tub to use for laboring. This can be inflated and placed in the room you intend on laboring. Your midwife can boil pots of water and pour the water into the tub. When it cools down a bit, you will be able to get inside.The warmth of the water will alleviate some of the pain you experience. Your midwife will help you relax with soothing music, scented candles, and reassuring back rubs as you labor.

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28 October 2015

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