Common Nurse Interview Questions To Be Prepared For

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If you are preparing to get a job in the healthcare field, specifically that of a nurse, you will likely find that your skills are in high demand. However, you might also discover that for the best, most interesting jobs and hospitals, you are going to face a rigorous interview process. Here are some common, difficult interview questions that you might hear as a nurse trying to get a job and how you can easily prepare for them.

1. Describe a Time When You Had to Work Under Pressure and Thrived

In many areas of the hospital, being a nurse is an extremely stressful job. You are constantly dealing with patients who all want something from you at the same time, health emergencies, and distraught family members. In order to make sure that you are able to thrive at their hospital, your interviewers are going to want to see if you can easily come up with a time when you were under a ton of pressure and did well. They are going to want to make sure that you are the type of person that thrives under pressure.

To prepare for this question, you are going to want to have a specific scenario ready ahead of time. If you need to, write down the description of the scenario so that you can get the description down to as few words as possible. This will allow you to spend the bulk of your time on how you dealt with the pressure. Think of a few specific actions that you took to manage the stress, such as delegating work to other people or taking a second to organize your priorities. Give your interviewer as many specific details as you can.

2. How Did You Solve a Personal Conflict in the Workplace?

An interviewer might ask you about a personal conflict that you had with another coworker and the steps that you took to solve it. When answering this question, emphasize how you were able to prevent this conflict from affecting your work or your patients. Then, detail the steps that you took to ensure that you could work with your coworker and get the job done despite not liking him or her very much. This will show the interviewer that you are a professional that is able to manage anything that might affect the patients but still human enough to get into interpersonal conflicts.

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12 November 2015

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