Minimizing Your Elderly Relative's Risk Of An Injury In The Home


If you are caring for an elderly relative who suffers from mobility issues in your home, you most likely feel a bit apprehensive about leaving them on their own. If it is not feasible to stay with your relative around the clock, you will want to take steps in making sure they are safe at times you are not readily available. Here are some steps you can take in keeping your relative from getting hurt when you are not there to monitor their activities.

Do A Walk-Through

Walk through your home to see if there are areas that can be improved to minimize the risk of falling. Take up area rugs unless they are in areas where the floor is slippery. Tack these down to the floor so they do not slide when they are walked upon. Remove all clutter from the pathway as you make your way from room to room. Install a few grab bars on walls to give your elderly relative a place to rest as they walk around the home. Put non-skid stickers in the bathtub and make sure there is adequate lighting so they do not fall due to dark conditions.

Use Some Props

Make sure your relative has a pair of non-skid slippers or shoes to use around the home. Place a cane in each room for them to use if they feel they need some extra stability in getting around. If they use a walker, make sure the bottoms are padded with rubber tips so the apparatus does not slide forward too much when they use it, causing a fall as a result. In the bathroom, consider using a raised toilet seat to help them get on and off easier. A grab rail should be placed next to the toilet and in the tub area. A reaching stick may be beneficial as seniors can grab items with the device instead of reaching for them, possibly causing them to lose their balance.

Hire Some Help

Having a home health care service come to the home during times you will be away will be a huge relief. You will have the peace of mind in knowing your relative will not be left at home for long in case they do have an accident while you are not there. Having the aide show up when you leave, however, will eliminate this from happening at all. They will help your relative perform household tasks and will monitor their condition throughout the time they are accompanying them. Some home health care services will take seniors to the doctor or to do some errands around town if needed. They can also help with the administration of medication.

Contact a service like Neighbors Home Care Services to learn more.


6 January 2016

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