Noah's Arch: Rebuild Your Foot Arches After A Flood Of Bad Posture

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When most people select shoes, style and general comfort come to mind as the top attributes that a shoe needs. The truth is that the type of shoe that you pick should match up with the makeup of your foot. If you have a high arch and you wear flat shoes, especially during sports, you can fall victim to fallen arches. Poor posture changes the weight distribution of your body, placing pressure on the arches of your feet and contributing to their collapse. Fallen arches cause your feet to flatten, which can lead to pain in both your feet, ankles, and shins. If you have fallen arches, here are some steps to take to restore the collapse in the arch of your feet. 

Seek out a podiatrist

When it comes to getting a game plan on getting your feet back into shape, you should see a podiatrist. They will be able to diagnose fallen arches and let you know just how much work the situation will take. They can also suggest to you some sneakers and casual shoes that will help to boost your arches back into shape, rather than encourage them to remain flat.

Identify the issue

Along with your podiatrist, coming to a conclusion as to what is causing the fallen arches will help with your healing more than anything else. Factors such as obesity, walking in heels or flat shoes, or improper form during exercising and running can cause the issue of fallen arches. You need to know what is causing the problem so that you can immediately take action to quell the issue from happening while you are going through therapy to fix your arches. 

Skip the flat sandals

Many sandals, both flip-flop and walking sandals, tend to have flat bottoms. Shoes like this with no arch support can exacerbate or even cause the issue. Stop wearing your flat sandal shoes and instead, opt for shoes that provide support for your arches. You may also install orthotic arch support inserts into the walking shoes and sneakers that you select in order to help heal your feet. 

Starts sports physical therapy

If you are having pain when you are running and walking due to fallen arches, you need to start a round of physical therapy at a clinic such as Advanced Physical Therapy to help with your healing. Physical therapy will get your arches, along with your ankles and joints back into shape. To repair the arches, the muscles in your feet will have to go through strength training. You will be taught proper form and posture during exercises to help discourage flat feet. Your physical therapist may encourage you to exercise barefoot at first so that footwear doesn't impede your arch growth. 


9 June 2016

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