Exploring Common Types Of Burn Injuries

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Burn injuries are extremely common in the home, at work, and at school. The term burn refers to the skin damage as well as the burning sensation felt. There are different types of burns that you can face. Here are the most common types, so you can apply the right treatment to soothe pain and aid healing.

Different Burn Degrees

First of all, burn injuries come in different degrees. A first-degree burn is the least damaging, and usually leads to red and non-blistering skin. A third-degree burn leads to the skin developing a white, leathery appearance. A fourth-degree burn is the most serious type that a person will suffer, and means the burn has gone into the tendons and nerves.

Sun Burn Injuries

One of the most common types of burn injuries is sun burn. For some, this can just be a mild pinking of the skin that disappears after a couple of days. However, it can lead to serious damage of cause blistering of the skin.

This type of burn is also known as a radiation burn. It can also occur due to sun beds, x-rays, and cancer treatment.

Thermal Burn Injuries

Thermal burns can be due to fire/heat or due to boiling liquids. They are among the most common injuries in the home that need hospital treatment. Many of the burns are treated at home through cold water and ice. This is especially the case for scalds from hot liquid or most oven burns.

Anyone who is close to flames, heat and boiling liquids is at risk of suffering a thermal burn. Around 66% of burns will involve some type of flammable liquid, including cooking oil.

Chemical Burn Injuries

Chemical burns are common in the home and occupationally. They occur when the skin has come into contact with products that cause skin irritations and burns. It could be something as simple as chilli peppers, but can also include detergent, cleaning products and gas chemicals in a place of work.

Friction Burn Injuries

These types of burns are very common in sports, especially those like gymnastics and dance. They occur when the skin rubs against material, and often lead to scraps and heat burns. Road rash is a type of friction burn, due to the skin rubbing against the material of the road. Many times there is bleeding with the burn, and this will need to be treated to determine the severity of the burn.

By knowing the type of burn, you can get the correct type of treatment. Around 40,000 burns a year require hospital treatment, but some can be treated at home with cold water or topical creams. Make sure to see an urgent care center like Meadowbrook Urgent Care for severe burns.


2 September 2016

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