Work With A Senior Care Aide To Decrease A Parent's Risk Of Falling

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Falling can be hugely detrimental to the health and independence of a senior citizen who lives at home. A fall can result in broken bones that do not heal in a timely manner and may ultimately cause the person to need to relocate to a senior care facility. One way to help decrease the risk of falling for an elderly parent is to hire a senior care aide to make regular visits. This professional can help your parent with things that could pose a fall risk, such as bathing. Many senior care aides can also assess the living space and make suggestions for you to further decrease the risk of your parent falling. You can be proactive, though, and make these changes in advance.

Remove Unnecessary Floor Items

A simple way to decrease the likelihood of your parent falling in his or her own home is to pick up items that clutter the floor. Each thing that takes up floor space decreases the space that your parent has to navigate in the home, while also posing a tripping hazard. Things such as stools and end tables may be functional, but can also easily be tripped over. Think, too, about other things that could pose a threat, such as area rugs. The corners of these rugs can easily catch your parent's foot and cause a fall.

Install A Stair Lift

If your parent really has trouble getting around the house, the senior care aide will likely recommend that you install a stair lift. Getting this work done ahead of time will show the aide that you're serious about creating a safe environment. Stair lifts range in features, but each model serves to allow your parent to sit on a chair for a ride up and down the stairs, rather than try to navigate them by foot.

Install Railings

The addition of some hand railings can further reduce the risk of your family member falling. Think about the locations that your parent might have trouble navigating. For example, a railing that runs down the length of a long hallway in the home can make him or her more stable while traveling down the hall. In the bathroom, a railing in the tub is always advisable. When you get these essential tasks done, the senior care aide will work with you to identify other simple changes that can be made, now that larger steps have been taken.

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12 October 2016

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