Three Reasons Your Hurt Back Might Require A Visit To The Hospital

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Back pain is something that might be minor, such as a pulled lat muscle from bending over and picking up something incorrectly. However, it can also be something that is much more serious and requires immediate attention from a doctor. So, if it's just a minor ache, and you recently lifted a heavy object, then it's probably a strained muscle. However, if you have any of the following symptoms, you need to take immediate action. Even if it turns out that it's a minor issue such as a stressed muscle, it's better to be safe and check it out.

Do You Smoke and Have Back Pain?

If you currently smoke, or if you were at one time a smoker, then back pain is a cause for concern. This is especially true if you have not done any heavy lifting recently. The pain in your middle and upper back can be a symptom of lung cancer. If you have also started to cough, as well as had shortness of breath, then you need to get to a doctor as quickly as possible. Cancer, especially lung cancer, is very insidious. You want to catch it as soon as possible and before it can metastasize to the brain, lymph nodes, or other areas.

Nausea and Back Pain Near The Shoulder Blades?

If you're been feeling sick to your stomach recently, and have had a sudden intense pain in your upper back, then you might have a gallbladder problem. The pain in your back is called referred pain. The gallbladder is not located near the pain, but it causes pain in your upper back region nevertheless. This problem is easily solved as long as you go to the hospital. If you don't, then you can get sick and suffer from gallbladder attacks where the bile cannot escape, which causes intense pain and complications.

Severe Pain In Your Lower Back

If the pain is intense, and located around your lower back, and you have done heavy lifting, then it might not be a muscle. It might be a slipped or pinched disc. These can cause excruciating pain if they are not treated. You will end up on pain killers and in traction. So, it's best to catch the issue right away so that the doctor can instruct you on how to alter your movements (no lifting, but also a change in sitting posture, sleeping posture, and perhaps home traction).


10 January 2017

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