3 Tips for Keeping Your Hamster Healthy

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A hamster can make a great pet; you can often have it in apartment settings or other rental situations in which it might not be ideal to have a dog or cat. It can be more affordable to take care of than other pets, and it can be a cuddly, furry friend. If you have a hamster, it is probably important to you to make sure that it is healthy. Luckily, following these tips can help you keep your hamster as healthy as possible for a long time to come. 

1. Take It to the Vet

Many people never think about taking small pets to the vet, but dogs and cats aren't the only animals that can benefit from healthcare. Taking your hamster to the vet can help you ensure that it is healthy and can allow you to get professional advice about taking care of it. Make sure to find a vet that has experience taking care of small animals, since many vets are more accustomed to taking care of dogs and cats than hamsters and other similar pets.

2. Keep Its Cage Clean

You probably wouldn't want to live in a dirty environment, and your hamster does not want to, either. Plus, a dirty hamster cage can be an unpleasant sight and can really smell bad, too. This is why it's essential to get in a routine of cleaning your hamster's cage daily by swapping out its bedding, wiping down the outside of the cage, and otherwise ensuring that it's in good shape.

3. Feed It a Balanced Diet

Even though you can purchase hamster food from your local pet store, you should not assume that it is enough to keep your hamster healthy. Along with providing your hamster with hamster food, consider supplementing its diet with small pieces of fruit and vegetables. Hamsters like variety, and providing them with produce is a good way to make sure that their diets are balanced and that they are getting all of the nutrients that they need. Also, don't forget that your hamster needs a supply of clean, fresh water all the time in order to stay properly hydrated.

Having a hamster can be easier than having to take care of a dog or a cat, but this does not mean that your hamster does not need care. Luckily, if you follow these three tips and get more advice from a vet like those at Belaire Animal Hospital, you should be able to keep your hamster healthy for a long time to come.


25 January 2017

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