Health Problems That Can Arise From Being A Workaholic

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Many people in today's society are quick to share the fact that they work hard, and some people will even label themselves as workaholics. While the definition of this widely used term can vary among people, it commonly refers to someone who works excessively and may even be addicted to doing so. There's merit in being a hard worker, but working so much that you or your family members label you a workaholic can be troubling. Doing so might leave your bank account in good health, but the same won't necessarily be true for your actual health. Here are some health problems that can arise from being a workaholic.

Increased Stress

Constantly working and thinking about working can leave you in a perpetual state of stress, which can obviously be detrimental to your emotional health. When you're always working, your mind and body can often be tense, which can allow anxiety and stress to begin to be a factor in your life. For example, perhaps you're so dedicated to a certain project at work that you think about it day and night, which cause you to feel extremely stressed, even when the project is complete. Your workaholic nature can also lead to conflicts with family members, given that you're spending more time working than being with them, and this can further escalate your stress.

Weight Gain

When you're a workaholic, the implication is that you aren't creating enough balance in your life. Workaholics can often neglect a number of important things, including getting regular exercise. If you're sitting at work all day and then working for several hours at home during the evenings and weekends, you might not be allowing enough time for physical activity. This can lead to weight gain, which obviously has a multitude of associated health complications, including an increased risk of heart disease, joint pain, and more.

More Illnesses

Those who are workaholics may end up getting sick more than other people. If you're working too hard, you're likely not getting enough sleep. Sleep is valuable for strengthening your immune system, and a chronic shortage of sleep can leave you more at risk of being sick. Additionally, if you're always working, you might not be consuming a balanced diet — and a healthy diet is also valuable for boosting your immune system. For example, instead of eating proper meals, you might frequently grab fast food or even skip meals. If you're showing signs of being a workaholic, it's a good idea to see your family doctor to assess the toll this behavior is taking on your health, as well as discuss strategies to change this behavior.

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24 October 2017

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