Oh, My Aching Back! FIVE Causes And Solutions To Consider

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Back pain is a major complaint in the U.S. There are several reasons for, and causes of, an aching back, and none of them are good. Fortunately, there are equally as many solutions and options for back pain relief.

1. Too Much Weight in Front Equals Pain Down in Back

Think about it. If you carry a ton of excess weight in front, you will constantly struggle to stand upright, using your back muscles to do it. Whether the problem is oversized breasts, or that extra-large spare tire you carry, your back suffers for it. Losing weight is the first line of defense, followed by plastic surgery to reduce breast size and minimize abdominal fat.

2. Weak Stomach Muscles

Weak stomach muscles are common. Too many jobs ask you to sit all day, and you tend to slump, slouch, and otherwise ignore core strength training. If you strengthen your abs, you A) gain pain-reducing endorphins that make your back feel better, and B) strengthen muscles that make your back feel better all the time.

3. Vertebral Problems

When your vertebrae are not nicely stacked one on top of the other, you have pain. If there is evidence of herniated or slipped discs, again, you will have pain. The good news is that chiropractic care can fix most of that, and the younger you are in treatment, the more successful your chiropractic treatments will be.

4. Injuries from Lifting Too Much

You cannot and should not lift more than your body can handle. This is almost always a leading factor in back pain. Your doctor will be able to tell if there are soft tissue injuries and/or fractured vertebrae. With soft tissue injuries, you need ice packs, anti-inflammatory medications, possibly prescription medications if the pain is intense, and lots of rest. If it is a fractured vertebra, then you do all of the above PLUS you do not lift a single thing until your doctor says the bone has healed.

5. Falls and Stress Pain

Falling on your back occurs most often when you are heading down steps or you slip on a patch of ice. For the most part, these falling incidents are just painful to your back, similar to the pain you feel when you are under a lot of stress. With both, massage, topical analgesics, and ice packs followed by heat treatments can definitely make you feel a lot better. Better still, if you have a massage chair that also has therapeutic heat, sit in that for at least thirty minutes a day until you feel better.


27 March 2018

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