A Few Signs You Should See A Physical Therapist

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A physical therapist is a medical professional who helps you regain or maintain mobility of all your joints and muscles. They perform range-of-motion exercises on the different limbs and body parts to keep them from atrophying and becoming weak when you have trouble moving them. They also teach you different exercises to do that will keep everything moving. Sometimes it is not obvious that you need to take advantage of physical therapy services. You may feel that your aches and pains and trouble moving are just part of getting old or perhaps due to a recent injury. Here are a few indications that physical therapy could help.

Trouble Getting Up From a Chair

If you need to use your hands to push yourself up from a chair or have to get up slowly to allow your legs a chance to adjust to the change and weight, you should seriously consider attending physical therapy sessions. The problem could be due to leg muscles getting weak from not using them enough or issues with any of the joints. Whether it is the muscles, tendons, or ligaments, doing exercises will help to strengthen the area so you can move easier. In addition, if the problem is arthritis, the movements will help to keep things from getting stiff and reduce the pain.

Shuffling or Difficulty Turning

You may not even realize that you are shuffling when you walk. However, if you find that you are often tripping over things on the floor, it is because you are not lifting your feet off the ground when you walk. When you have problems turning or going around a corner, it is usually because you are having trouble staying balanced on weak legs.

Difficulty Breathing

When difficulty breathing is not due to any lung problem like pneumonia or COPD, the problem may be due to your inactivity. Physical therapy will make you more active and get the blood flowing to carry oxygen to your lungs better. Even having passive exercises like those done by the therapist will get things moving better so you can breathe easier.

While many people are referred to a physical therapist by their primary care physician, it is not required. You may decide you need the help and seek out the services of a licensed therapist on your own. If you are tired of the pain and not being able to move well, it could be a huge boost to your quality of life.

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21 September 2018

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