How Do You Know If You Need A Root Canal?

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A root canal is a dental procedure done in which the canal of the root of a tooth is drilled away and filler material is used to save the tooth. Almost like an implant on the spot, the tooth can then be capped with a crown so you do not end up with a missing gap in your smile. Most people are curious to know how they will know if they do need a root canal so they can prepare themselves for what the dentist is going to say. Here are a few signs that you may need a root canal. 

There are signs of infection in the gums around the tooth.

If your gums appear red, swollen, or irritated, it is usually a sign of infection in the tooth. You may actually notice raised pumps or pimples on the gums as well. Infection of a tooth is actually one of the biggest reasons a root canal is done by a dentist. Therefore, the basic signs of an abscessed tooth are typically a good reason to believe that you will be recommended to have a root canal when you visit the dentist. If the dentist chooses to do a root canal because the tooth is infected, they may actually wait until the infection clears or after they have prescribed you antibiotics before they actually do the procedure. 

The tooth appears darker than the rest of your teeth.

When the root of a tooth begins to die or has problems, it is common for the entire tooth to take on a slightly discolored hue that is different than the rest of the teeth. The changing color is relative to the beginning formation of decay in the root. If you have spotted one of your teeth that has a different color to it then the rest of your teeth, such as a gray tone, it is best to seek a dentist right away. They may be able to do a root canal to save the tooth and install a crown.

You have severe pain whenever pressure is applied to the tooth.

Severe pain and pressure when you bite, chew, or push on the tooth can be a sign that a root canal will be recommended. These sensations are relative to damage to the root of the tooth, which means it will probably be best if that portion of the tooth is removed. 


21 June 2019

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