Excess Skin After Having Multiple Children? Consider Body Contouring

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You just went through a lot of hard work to get into shape and lose weight after having many children and you were hoping that your self-esteem would skyrocket. Unfortunately, you still feel a little less than great because of excess skin hanging off of your body. Thankfully, body contouring can help.

Weight Loss May Not Immediately Improve Self-Esteem

Women who give birth to multiple children rapidly may find it hard to take control of their weight and they may lose confidence in their looks. However, those who fight hard to lose that extra weight may find that their self-esteem isn't immediately repaired once the weight is lost.

There are a few reasons this happens. First of all, confidence is often not just a situation that can be improved by losing some weight. Many people may have deeper issues that make improving self-esteem more difficult. Others may simply struggle because of the excess skin they develop after losing weight.

Excess Skin Worsens These Feelings

If you gain enough weight after having multiple children, your skin will stretch to accommodate the extra fat. Unfortunately, your skin is likely to stay stretched after you lose this weight and the excess skin may hang around long after. Sadly, this extra skin can make you feel bad about yourself because of its persistence and your inability to get rid of it.

In some situations, you may fall back into bad habits due to poor confidence and end up regaining much of the weight that you fought so hard to lose. This situation is very frustrating and is one that you need to manage properly. One way to do this is by eliminating the extra skin with methods like body contouring.

How Contouring Helps

Body contouring is the process of smoothing out extra skin and fat on your body to help tighten these areas when you can't manage it in any other way. The benefits of this approach are many. You'll quickly regain your pre-weight-gain looks in a way that you can't with simple exercise alone. As a result, you'll be more likely to regain your confidence after you lose all that lingering weight. Just as importantly, you can avoid complications with excess skin that may otherwise sabotage your health or make your life more difficult than necessary in the long term.

So if you're struggling with your self-confidence due to excess skin after multiple children and you want to feel better about yourself, please make sure to talk to a plastic surgeon right away. These experts can perform body contouring routines and help restore your body to its natural beauty. Contact a company like Countryside Dermatology & Laser Center in order to learn more.


24 July 2019

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