Reasons to Favor Hand Sanitizer Gel Over Liquid

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If you're shopping for bottles of hand sanitizer — and particularly if you're looking for a large supply that you'll make available to your employees, students, or other large groups — it's vitally important to find a product that will suit your needs. Upon deciding the bottle size, there are several other decisions to make. One big topic to think about is whether you'll buy gel or liquid hand sanitizer. Both styles are readily available, so it's important to think about the benefits that each type can offer. Here are three reasons that you might favor hand sanitizer gel over its liquid counterpart.

Gel Is Less Messy

Many people find that hand sanitizer gel is less messy than hand sanitizer liquid. When you squeeze an appropriate amount of gel into the palm of one hand, it's generally easy to control the gel as you swirl it around both hands until you've coated all of your exposed skin. The same isn't necessarily true with a liquid product. The high viscosity of liquid hand sanitizer means that it can often run where you don't want it. Sometimes, you may find that it runs from your hands down to your wrists and arms, leaving you with a mess.

Gel Creates Less Waste

Liquid hand sanitizer tends to come out quickly when you pump the bottle. This is fine if you need the product in a hurry, but it can often result in you ending up with more in your hands than you need. The result can be that you go through your bottle of hand sanitizer more quickly than you'd like. Even if you're buying a lot of bottles, you don't want this valuable product to go to waste. Gel is often easier to dispense from its bottle, resulting in less waste.

Gel Can Provide Better Coverage

When you're applying any type of hand sanitizer, it's vitally important that you cover the entire surface of both hands. Otherwise, harmful bacteria can remain and potentially come in contact with your nose or mouth. Because liquid sanitizer is runny, it can quickly drip off your hands before you're able to thoroughly distribute it. The gel product, meanwhile, is thick enough that you can easily control it as you rub it over both of your hands.

Consider these and other factors, and then contact online suppliers to learn about 72-packs of 8 oz antiseptic hand sanitizer gel. 


4 December 2020

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