Physical Therapy Might Play A Role In Your Recovery From Neck Pain

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If you're suffering from neck pain due to an injury or because of poor posture while you work on a computer all day, your doctor might send you to a physical therapist for treatment. The treatment you receive depends on the type of injury you have and your symptoms. Here are some ways physical therapy might be used for neck pain.

Passive Treatments To Reduce Pain

If your neck pain makes it difficult to move your head, you might not be ready to start exercises and stretches right away. In that case, your physical therapist might start with passive treatments that don't require you to do any movements.

This could entail massage therapy to relax tight muscles and increase circulation, ultrasound treatments to increase circulation and reduce pain, and hot or cold therapy. You usually relax on a table while the therapist administers treatments that help reduce swelling, improve pain, help with range of motion, and start healing.

Neck Stretches To Loosen Tight Muscles

Neck stretches improve flexibility in your neck joints. Stretches also help loosen tight muscles and increase the range of motion in your neck. Your therapist may show you how to do a few types of neck stretches and then have you do them at home a few times daily.

Neck Exercises To Balance Neck Muscles

You might also need to learn a few exercises that strengthen your neck muscles. This could be necessary if your neck has been immobile due to an injury or if your neck pain is caused by poor posture and you have weak neck muscles. You may be instructed to do the exercises at home once you learn them properly.

Body Strengthening For Neck Support

Your shoulders and back are often involved in neck pain, so your physical therapist might have you undertake a strengthening routine that balances the muscles in your upper body. This can improve your posture and strengthen muscles that support your neck.

You might learn specific exercises or you may be encouraged to swim, do aqua aerobics, take vigorous walks, or do other activities you enjoy that give you a workout to tone your back, shoulders, and neck.

Physical therapy can help with immediate neck pain relief and it can also help you heal from a chronic neck problem. Therapy may even prevent the return of neck pain by teaching you how to maintain your posture and work ergonomically.

Since neck pain has different causes, your treatment plan is unique to you so that you get the best results. You might be pushed to your limit when exercising, but your therapist won't do anything to make you uncomfortable or make your condition worse. It might take a while to see the results from your effort since your neck tissues take time to heal, but physical therapy could play an important role in relieving or reducing your pain. Contact a physical therapy clinic for more information. 


22 June 2021

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