Advantages Of Prescription Scar Gel Over Surgical And Laser-Based Options

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These days, there are many options for treating or getting rid of scars. You can have various surgeries to remove them. You can also have a laser-based procedure performed at a dermatologist's office. Another option, however, is to use a prescription scar gel treatment. This option won't give you remarkable results overnight, but it will work over time to reduce the appearance of your scars. So, what are the advantages of using a scar cream rather than opting for one of the more advanced treatments? Take a look.

1. The cream won't cause any pain

Most scars are caused by painful experiences. So, the idea of having a scar treated with another painful procedure is probably not that appealing. If you have surgery, there will be a recovery period that comes with some pain. If you have a laser procedure, you'll have pain when the procedure is being carried out. With scar cream, however, there's no pain involved. Some people feel some tingling or mild burning when they first apply the cream, but this shouldn't be any worse than the feeling you get when you apply an astringent to your face. It's easy to shrug off.

2. The cream will probably be covered by your health insurance

Having a scar removed surgically or with lasers is often considered a cosmetic procedure. As such, the procedure is not typically covered by health insurance. The cost can be pretty high, too. It's not unusual for these procedures to cost thousands of dollars. When you use scar cream, though, the cost is often covered by insurance. This is because most prescription plans cover any medication prescribed by your doctor, regardless of its exact purpose. If you want to get rid of your scar affordably, then prescription creams are the way to go.

3. You'll feel in control

Giving control of your body over to someone else is not easy. Even if you know your doctor's skills are amazing, it takes willpower to let them perform surgery on you. If you are struggling to give over control, then a prescription scar cream may be a better choice for you. You'll apply it each night by yourself, which leaves you in control of your healing process.

Scar creams are not the only way to remove scars, and they are not the right choice for everyone. However, they do have some key advantages for those who use them.


26 July 2021

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