Soft Tissue Healing Processes

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Soft tissue injuries often result in pain, inflammation, and limited mobility. Familiarize yourself with the soft tissue regeneration stages that you will endure after an injury. Then, explore some therapeutic processes that will speed up your recovery.

The Regeneration Stages

When a soft tissue injury occurs, blood cells attempt to form a clot. During the preliminary healing process, the injured tissue will appear swollen. Redness and warmth may be apparent in the injured area. As time progresses, collagen production increases. Scar tissue is formed.

Mobility within the injured area may remain restricted. A severe injury may take weeks to heal. A doctor who treats an injured person may recommend some therapeutic processes that will promote healing.

Thermal Therapy

Cryogenic therapy (cold therapy) will reduce inflammation. After the inflammation has subsided, thermal therapy can be helpful. Thermal therapy involves applying heat to the wounded skin. As the heat comes into contact with skin cells, blood vessels will dilate. Vasodilation stimulates blood circulation. The blood will deliver essential nutrients to the injured skin cells. A heating pad or a hot compress can be used during a thermal therapy session.

Additional Therapeutic Processes

Mechanical therapies involve pressure and manipulation. A mechanical therapy process may include massaging the affected area or using a handheld device to treat the affected area. The combination of the pressure and manipulation will increase blood flow and relax the muscles. During the final stages of healing, the pressure and manipulation will support increased mobility. Mechanical techniques are usually performed under a doctor's guidance. 

Massage Therapy

The doctor who has been treating an injury may suggest that a patient undergoes a massage. A massage therapist will use their fingertips to apply consistent pressure around the injured area. A therapist may use muscle manipulation tactics to relax sore ligaments and tendons. 

Electrical Stimulation And Other Energy-Based Therapies

Electrical stimulation, ultrasound, radiofrequency applications, and laser applications can reduce discomfort and prompt skin cells to rejuvenate. An electrical stimulation process is designed to temporarily reduce pain. As the sensory nerves are shocked, the sensation will overpower the pain that was originally experienced. This type of treatment can make the original discomfort unnoticeable or less noticeable.

An ultrasound, a radiofrequency application, or a laser application involves targeting specific skin cells. During each of these procedures, the cells are stimulated and blood flow is increased within the area that is being treated. A patient may need to undergo several energy-based sessions during a soft tissue recovery process.

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