Laser Eye Surgery: What Does It Feel Like?


You are considering laser eye surgery, but you are worried about how it will turn out. That is perfectly normal, considering the fact that the surgery involves a laser and little cuts into your cornea. Perhaps the biggest question of all patients who want the surgery but are holding back is: What does it feel like? The answers are surprising. What It Feels Like Before the Laser Starts Before your ophthalmologist even turns the laser on, he or she will use a device to help your eyelids stay open.

13 January 2015

Common Causes Of Hip Misalignment In Runners


Your joints are designed to absorb the shock of running. When the joints in your body are properly aligned, they generally do a good job of this. When they fall out of alignment, however, one side of the body ends up absorbing more shock than the other, and injuries begin to occur. Hip misalignment, where one hip sits lower than the other, is particularly common in runners. If you've been experiencing hip pain after workouts or find that you are continually developing injuries such as Iliotibial band syndrome and runner's knee on one side of the body, hip misalignment may be to blame.

9 January 2015