4 Healthy Habits That Can Improve Your Hearing

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If you are concerned about losing your hearing or are already showing signs of hearing loss, you may be wondering how you can prevent it. While some conditions will cause hearing loss regardless, the following healthy habits can help improve your hearing in many situations. Wear Hearing Protection While you are probably aware of the ramifications of wearing headphones with your music blasted, have you thought about how to protect your ears from other loud noises?

3 June 2015

What You Should Know About High Frequency Sounds And Hearing Loss

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When you visit an audiologist for a hearing test, one of the things that he or she evaluates is your ability to hear clearly across a range of frequencies. If your testing shows a problem hearing sounds at higher frequency ranges, you may be diagnosed with high frequency hearing problems. Here is a look at the basics of this type of hearing loss and what you can do to deal with it.

20 May 2015

Elderly Drug Abuse And Addiction: Cause, Symptoms And Treatment

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When most people think of drug addictions, their elderly parents or senior loved ones aren't typically the first people that come to mind. However, people who are aged 65 and older account for about 30 percent of prescription medications in the United States. Many of the health problems seniors are diagnosed with, such as chronic illness, depression and insomnia are treated with prescription medications that have a high risk for addiction, including opioids and benzodiazepines.

1 May 2015

What To Expect When You Have A Spinal Fusion For A Herniated Disc


If you have severe back pain caused by a herniated disc that doesn't get better no matter what treatments you try, your doctor may recommend you have a spinal fusion. Spinal fusion surgery fuses two vertebrae in your back together to limit movement or strengthen the spine. Here's what you should know about this procedure. Why It's Done The goal of a spinal fusion is to support your spine. The surgery can be done for a number of reasons, such as to repair a back fracture or correct spinal weakness caused by arthritis.

18 April 2015

3 Risk Factors That an Ultrasound Is Used to Check During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, and being able to see your baby on an ultrasound allows doctors to check for several different things. Not only can it allow the doctor to see what your baby looks like inside of the womb, and what gender it is, but it also allows them to check for several different risk factors as well. This can then allow the doctor to prepare for whatever this risk factor may mean in terms of things you may need to do for the rest of your pregnancy and delivery.

3 April 2015

The Care They Need With The Peace They Deserve - Reducing Your Child's Physician Anxiety

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Parenthood is full of many challenges that may be difficult to anticipate. At the center of many of these challenges is the difficult reality that a child often has fears that are irrational or too extreme. When these fears interfere with important and necessary tasks, such as going to the doctor, it's important to be proactive and look for ways to actively reduce them. Below, you'll find a guide to some ways you can help reduce your child's anxiety about seeking care from a physician.

25 March 2015

3 Downfalls Of Hard Water In Your Home

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Did you know that some 85 percent of households deal with hard water? Hard water refers to water that has a number of minerals, such as magnesium, manganese and calcium, found within. Because of these mineral deposits, you will encounter a number of different setbacks that take place when you use the water inside of your home. You can remedy these hard water setbacks by having a water softener installed in your home.

9 March 2015

4 Tips For Convincing Your Spouse To Attend Couples Counseling


Couples therapy can be a healthy and effective solution for many relationships in trouble. If your spouse objects to the idea of counseling because it's a "waste of time," or he fears you and the counselor will gang up on him, it can be tough trying to convince him to attend even one session. The following four tips can help you introduce the idea of counseling in a positive light that is non-threatening to your spouse.

26 February 2015

What Is Acute Care Physical Therapy?

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Physical therapists provide rehabilitation services to patients in all types of settings. They might work in the hospital, a specialty clinic, the person's home, or in a senior living community. Physical therapists that work primarily in hospitals, such as Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, are known as acute care physical therapists. This area of physical therapy is provided to patients who have had major surgery, a traumatic injury, or a debilitating disease.

16 February 2015

What You Should Know About Microdermabrasion Treatment For Your Acne Scars


Acne scars can be difficult to deal with, with many suffering from insecurity about their looks and even psychological problems such as anxiety.  However, there are now numerous skin treatments that can be effective against acne scarring, with microdermabrasion one of the most popular. Here is what you need to know about microdermabrasion and how it can benefit your acne scars. About Acne Scars First, it's important to understand how an acne scar forms and what type of acne scars are typically seen.

10 February 2015