Questions About A DOT CDL Physical

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Many people who would like to operate a large truck may not know all of the requirements necessary for this position. If you would like to drive large commercial trucks for a living, you may have to undergo a physical from the Department of Transportation (DOT) for your commercial driver's licence (CDL)  in order to be eligible as a trucker. Here is a bit of information about this requirement: Are all commercial drivers required to have a DOT CDL physical?

26 July 2016

2 Ways To Tell That You Are In Menopause

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As a woman, you are going to menstruate for the majority of your life. You may start as early as 10 and continue into your 50s. When your body starts shutting down menstruation, you are going into menopause. Menopause isn't something that happens overnight. It happens over years, and you may see effects of menopause for years before actual menopause sets in. Those symptoms are called peri-menopause. It can be difficult to tell when you exit peri-menopause and enter full menopause, especially as you may have had erratic periods for some time prior to the time they quit altogether.

25 July 2016

Amateur Sports Player? Two Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Injured


If you're an amateur sports player, you may not understand that injuries often accompany the game.  Although you may think that you don't have to worry too much about injuries because you're not a professional, you still run the risk of getting hurt while playing the sport that you love.  Use this information to learn about two tips that can help keep you safe while engaged in amateur sports. Understand The Importance Of Cross-Training

11 July 2016

Innovative Pain Management Techniques And Treatment Options For You

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As a person who suffers from chronic pain, you may find that managing and treating your pain can be difficult and frustrating. Part of this struggle can stem from the fact that most medications that are used to treat chronic pain are opioid painkillers, which have a high rate of addiction as well as other negative side effects. However, while chronic pain management can be challenging, it is not impossible. There are many innovative options available to treat your chronic pain.

29 June 2016

Cold Turkey And Nicotine Gum Won't Work? Try These Two Alternative Therapies To Quit Smoking

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If you are struggling with quitting smoking, then you understand how frustrating it can be to try and find a way to put down the cigarettes for good. The physical and psychological urge to reach for another cigarette can be overwhelming. If you've been unable to go cold turkey and the nicotine replacement gum just doesn't cut it, then you should consider an alternative therapy. Below are two non-traditional methods that you should look into.

9 June 2016

Noah's Arch: Rebuild Your Foot Arches After A Flood Of Bad Posture

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When most people select shoes, style and general comfort come to mind as the top attributes that a shoe needs. The truth is that the type of shoe that you pick should match up with the makeup of your foot. If you have a high arch and you wear flat shoes, especially during sports, you can fall victim to fallen arches. Poor posture changes the weight distribution of your body, placing pressure on the arches of your feet and contributing to their collapse.

9 June 2016

Feel It Coming On? 3 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Next Depressive Episode

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If you suffer from depression, you're going to experience highs and lows. That's normal. Unfortunately, it's also normal to feel completely out of control when the lows arrive. Luckily, there are ways that you can prepare for those lows, so that you know what to do when the relapses happen. Here are three steps you can take to get prepared for the next relapse into depression. Identify Your Triggers When you suffer from depression, there are certain triggers that will send you into a relapse.

25 May 2016

Travel Tips For The Business Person With Chronic Back Pain

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If you have chronic back pain and frequently travel for your business, those long flights can aggravate your back. Sitting for long periods in cramped airplane seats without moving causes the muscles to become tense. You arrive at your destination stiff and aching, something you don't want if you're headed to a client right away. Here are some exercises you can do on the plane to relax those tense muscles and get some pain relief during those flights.

10 May 2016

What Your Eye Doctor Wants You To Know About Diabetes

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Among the other problems that diabetes causes, damage to your eyes is one of the most severe. In some cases, diabetes can cause you to lose part or all of your sight. While you can't stop the impact of diabetes on your eyes, frequent eye exams and early treatment when you have signs of a problem can slow down the loss of vision. Here are the most common eye issues caused by diabetes and how they are treated.

26 April 2016

Pain Management For A Pulled Back Muscle: What You Can Do

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When you are going about your day and find yourself needing to lift an object off of the floor, the last thing that you would expect is to end up with a pulled back muscle from the strain of lifting. However, if you position your body wrong or you lift up at the wrong speed or angle, you can do just that. A pulled muscle in your back can be very painful.

8 April 2016